Is 19 Touches Enough?

How often should you be meeting with or contacting clients?


Key Takeaways

  • Technology and digital communication allow us to have much more frequent client contact than we used to.
  • If you’re keeping an ongoing and consistent dialogue with clients throughout the year, you may not need to meet with them personally every quarter.
  • With a good CRM in place, your clients and prospects can raise their hands and engage you when you send out valuable information that appeals to them.

The Long Tail: Delivering Wealth Advisory Services

Key Takeaways


  • Top wealth advisors understand that client expectations are about the big picture, individual actions and details.
  • Like Amazon and Apple, high-performing wealth advisors have the right people in place, the correct technology tied together, and the right systems and processes.
  • When clients call you out of the blue, you should be able to answer 95 percent of questions that come up in 60 seconds or less. 3D Connect™ can make that possible.

You’re Number 22

No matter how great your products, services or team, remember it’s not about you–it’s about what’s in it for a prospective client.

Key Takeaways

  • You’re not very high on a prospect’s to-do list until you can consistently show how you’ll help him or her solve a problem and fill a need.
  • Internet marketers know you must provide prospects with lots of value first before you receive anything from them in return.
  • Savvy wealth advisors know you can stay top of mind with clients by offering free webinars, live events, seminars and even a complimentary second opinion service.

Google’s 8 Innovation Principles

Key Takeaways


  • Failure is not a negative if you can learn from the experience. High-performing organizations advocate failing fast, forward and often.
  • Great organizations don’t hoard information; they willingly share it and get much more back in return.
  • Great ideas can come from anywhere, especially from outside your industry.