Champion of Change

Key Takeaways

  • Highly successful people tend to be more open to change than the rest of the population.
  • Champions of change are always looking for new ways to attract the right resources, relationships, money and capabilities to help them bring value to the world.
  • From your mobile phone’s evolution to Alcoa’s transformation, change can be a positive impact on the technological, behavioral, social and economic areas of our lives.

How many of you have read The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg’s insightful book about keystone habits? Using Alcoa as an example, he describes how the company rallied around worker safety, spillage prevention, quality control and getting unions together with management. As a result of these changes, Alcoa’s performance improved significantly.

The big takeaway here is that there are things that we can make the core and center of who we are and where we want to go. For instance, being a champion of change is a big habit and driver of successful people today. Not just being open to change, but being a champion of change. It’s a mind-set.

It’s said that we tend to replace our habits over time. We build these habits up until a certain point in time and then we replace those habits with new ones, such as championing change. When you were a little kid, you championed change all the time. You had to learn to walk and talk, tie your shoes and ride a bike, and those were major milestones at the time. For some reason, most of us become resistant to change as we get older, but highly successful people I know maintain that ability to be open to change. They are always looking for new ways to attract the resources, relationships, money and new capabilities that help them bring value to the world and to accomplish their goals. That’s what the mind-set of change is all about.

Look at how much things have changed in technological, behavioral, social and economic areas over the past 10 years. You had a small flip phone and you were texting and IM’ing and you were just starting to hear about Facebook and other social media. Fast-forward to today. Look at what you can do on your phone today that you couldn’t do a decade ago. It’s a huge behavioral change and a huge technological change. It affects you both socially and economically.

That’s why I encourage you to be a champion of change throughout your life. Make sure that mind-set stays with you and remains a core part of who you are and where you are going.

Until next time, enjoy. Gary

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