Thanksgiving Facts to Impress Your Family and Friends


Golden turkey, cooked to perfection. A table covered in everything from candied yams to pumpkin pie and all those calorie-laden goodies in-between. Family and friends gathered around the table sharing stories, laughing, and well, maybe even a few shouting matches and tears. Falling in to a turkey-induced sleep in front of the TV that is blaring football or maybe the Macy’s parade. And of course, hopping in the car with the family either to try and take advantage of all those Black Friday sales, or to be the ones that just love to watch the chaos unfold.

Ah, Thanksgiving, how we love your time-honored traditions!

In the spirit of providing you knowledge as we do every week with financial tips and tools, we thought we’d have a little fun and equip you with some interesting facts about Thanksgiving.

Print them off and share them with your family and friends at the table, or use them in an emergency, say, when the conversation turns awkward. Think of all the people at your table who might just give you some thanks for the save!

All kidding aside, we sincerely hope your Thanksgiving is full of love and laughter and people to share it with.

Until next time, the team at Your Grown Up Money.

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