Christmas Music and Scenery to Help Get In The Spirit!

There are Christmas Scrooges among us. Chances are, you’ve got one or two in your family that will be spending a few days with you this Holiday season. Don’t let them dampen what some may call your “overzealous” Christmas spirit! I mean, you can never have enough twinkly lights, am I right? Bah Humbug on that electrical bill!

To help you in your annual quest to put everyone in the Holiday spirit, we present you with a commercially uninterrupted 3 hours of classic Christmas music accompanied by pleasant Holiday scenes. Pull it up on any device, put it on full screen mode, and voila! Instant crowd-pleasing Christmas flair that not even the stodgiest of Scrooges can sneer at for long.

We wish you a happy and safe Holidays!

Until next time, the team at Your Grown Up Money.

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