All Together Now – The Wealth Portal

Key Takeaways

  • There are many apps out there that can help you track your finances separately, but it’s cumbersome and time consuming.
  • A wealth portal puts all your finances in one place, providing you with a quick summary that you can easily glance over once a week to ensure nothing is amiss.
  • Using a wealth portal puts control back in your hands to view your finances in one place, thus saving you time and energy for other important things.

Like many people, you probably look at different programs for budgeting or tracking your savings and investment accounts, credit cards, or other kinds of accounts you may have.  You might even have four, five, six, ten, twelve apps to check on these different accounts! Perhaps you go on your computer occasionally to check on your accounts, or maybe you don’t even pay attention at all because it’s just too much of your time. Ultimately, everything is disjointed and tends to take up more of your time then you’d like.

If this sounds like your reality, I’ve got something for you that can really help save you time and energy: a wealth portal. A wealth portal takes all your credit and debit cards, all your investment accounts, savings accounts, income, expenses, and puts it all in one place. Think of it as a one-stop-shop to check on your finances. It can be accessed from all your connected devices, so you can very easily see your information summarized in one spot.

You can spend just two minutes a week checking on what’s happened over the past week with all your transactions. Now, for me and my family, we end up doing about 30-50 transactions a week. It’s convenient for me to just look through the transactions a few minutes a week to ensure nothing is amiss or suspicious. I can look at all my investment accounts, savings, see my credit cards, all without having to go to each individual bank’s or institution’s app.

Having a wealth portal where you can look at everything you have all in one place, puts control back in your hands and allows you to take a lot less time to check over your finances. This lets you spend more time doing other things that are important to you versus having to mess with your finances for hours on end!

Think about looking at wealth portals that are all-encompassing and can help you make your life a lot simpler. Contact us if you have questions and we can tell you how they work and get you started.

Until next time, enjoy!

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